Sean Owen Clancy, PH.D.

What Sets Me Apart

I'm passionate about science, technology, community and family. Working hard isn't enough, you also have to be flexible, innovative and ethical. That's what will make me a valuable member of your team.

Problem Solver, Consultant, Chemist, Materials Scientist, Failure Analysis Engineer, Data Analyst, Technical Writer, "Seasoned Technologist", "Go-To Person"

The Sean Clancy, Ph.D.I'm a scientist, technologist, and writer based in Utah.

I've assisted countless organizations with their electronics manufacturing failure analysis, developed carbon nanotube-based chemical sensors, created new polymer supercapacitors, developed ways to optimize organic light-emitting materials, and advanced pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry research.

I've presented and consulted on subjects like instrumental analysis, unintended consequences, and problem-solving.

Failure Analysis Techniques for Electronics CoverI've written "Failure analysis techniques in electronics", many technical articles, and other works.

When I'm not pushing the boundaries of science and technology, I enjoy the cooking, drawing, photography, computing, fitness, video games and continuing my education.

If you have questions or want to get to know me better, contact me.


Latest News

I'm currently consulting in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah region and beyond with my consulting agency, Clancy & Associates Technical Services LLC.

I would consider offers for full-time, permanent positions in an organization where my experience would be useful and I would feel passionate about what I'm doing.

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