April 16, 2008

Awards and Honors


  • Certificate of Appreciation for speaking at the SMTA Intermountain Chapter Meeting, March 2016.
  • People’s Choice Award, October 2015
    • Awarded by peer for excellence in team work.
  • People’s Choice Award, November 2014
    • Awarded by HR for excellence in team work.

ACI Technologies

  • Five Years of Service Award, December 2013

Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division

  • American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2005 to 2006
    • Awarded for the ASEE/NRL proposal on the synthesis and computational chemistry of soluble electron deficient (n-type) conjugated polymers.

University of Southern California

  • Beckman Foundation Research Fellowship, 2000 to 2002
  • Benson Endowed Fellowship, 2003 to 2005
  • Harold E. Moulton Graduate Fellowship, 2004
  • Research Assistantship, 2000 to 2005
    • Awarded for showing successful progress during my graduate studies.

Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

  • Above and Beyond Employee Recognition, 1997
    • Awarded for successful anti-sense (RNA-binding) and anti-gene (DNA-binding) experiments using the peptide nucleic acid (PNA) sequences that I synthesized.

University of North Florida

  • Dean’s List, 1997
  • Founding Treasurer, Student Affiliate American Chemical Society (SA-ACS) at UNF, 1997
  • University Honors Program, 1993 to 1997

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