Who I am

I’m passionate about science, technology, community, and family. Working hard isn’t enough, you also have to be flexible, innovative, and ethical. That’s what will makes me a valuable member of organizations, as well as being a good friend.
I have strong technical skills and hands-on experience in creating or modifying existing products and processes using analytical, synthetic organic, and polymer chemistry, as well as materials science and engineering.
I’ve helped develop and qualify existing and new materials and manufacturing processes, as well as figured things out when issues arose and how to get a manufacturing line up and running again.
Besides science and technology, I have experience in project management, technical writing, communications, and marketing.
Outside of chemistry and the sciences, I enjoy the culinary arts, drawing, photography, reading, gaming, web design, and working with computers.

What I’ve done


  • Certificate in Project Management from the University of Delaware in Wilmington, DE
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in Polymer Science and Engineering at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Development in China Lake, CA
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL

Professional Experience

Here are some key highlights from my career so far:
  • More than twenty years of experience in product development and materials analysis in academia, government, and commercial groups in engineering, science, and technology industries.
  • Built a track record of business development, creating and leading technical teams, project management, providing instruction, and writing and editing technical publications and funding proposals.
  • Created and characterized materials and processes for organic electronics for emitting light, storing electrical charge, and sensing analytes in solution.
  • Performed root cause failure analysis of electronic components, bare boards, and assemblies, as well as soldering, cleaning, conformal coatings, polymers, metals, and ceramics.
  • Synthesized medicinal compounds and worked with multple molecular biology and medical research groups at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville.
  • Worked as a pharmacy technician, while finishing high school and earning by undergraduate degree.

Where I am on the Interwebs